CalArts Graduation 2013

Congratulations CalArts Class of 2013!!!

I made many photographs. Two galleries exist to help keep things organized, but all orders end up in one shopping cart. To view photos of the event as a whole, click on the Event link below. Protip: Use your keyboards arrow keys to navigate. Use shift-arrow to move to the next page.

CalArts Graduation Event 2013 (including many portraits, snapshots and party photos – this is a fun gallery)

I also shot each and every graduate who walked across the stage (big thanks to Rafael Hernendez [calarts 2011] for his help) and those photos are fun too. They are chronological and categorized to make finding people easier. Click on the name of the School, or start from the beginning here:

CalArts Graduation Diplomas 2013 (grads walking across the stage)

Film/VideoTheaterCritical Studies - Dance - Music - Art

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Love Scott

One last thing, for free, because you’re great – so-so Photo Booth Pics from the reception. Steal them!