15 Minute Portrait Assignment

Scott Groller
Photo 215
Fall 2017

Portrait Assignment
Due Wednesday, November 1st


As a photojournalist, you have to be flexible and you need to be able to work quickly. There is often no time nor ability to set up something fancy and time consuming when making a portrait. Sometimes you only get 10 minutes, sometimes only 3.

For this assignment, consider yourself lucky. You have 15 minutes from the moment you arrive in the location with your subject. Immediately make a photo that shows both of your feet, and begin work, making a good portrait by the end of your short session. Pick your best and process it for presentation.

You will turn in a flash drive on Nov. 1st with this project and the portrait project on it, containing all raw and jpeg choices for each assignment.

You will be graded on the following:

25pts. Completion of the assignment in form and concept
25pts. Attention to timing to show the subject in a good moment
25pts. Control of exposure and sharpness to show detail and create mood
25pts. Use of the elements of composition to communicate clearly and intentionally

Bring your jpegs for presentation on either 10/25 or 11/1