Assignment #5 – Major Event

Photography 210
Scott Groller
Spring 2018

Assignment #5 – Major Event
(pushed back 2 weeks to be) Due Wednesday, May 23rd
That should be a fun night of presentations!

This is it. This is why we are here.

Identify an event which is exciting and joyful which you have permission to shoot, and make photographs which celebrate the energy, the players and the details of the experience. If this event is a wedding, you will make photographs which document the moments and textures of the day while making portraits of the major and minor players involved. If your event is not a wedding, shoot it as though it is by finding an important main subject or two and their support crew. Make photos of their experience and the moments which occur in their presence and wake. You MUST make at least one intentional formal portrait as part of this shoot.

Create a set of 12-20 images which are different enough that you can build a presentation of your work which both creates an emotional connection and also gives the viewer a sense of the visuals of the event. Process this set of images to achieve a clear and consistent visual style throughout the collection, and adjust individual images as necessary to bring them to a finished state. Make these photos great individually, make them work together, and make sure they hold up to comparison against work by other photographers within your market.

You will turn in:

A copy of your correspondence with your client. This can be theoretical.
A representation of your full shoot. Selects are good. Web galleries are great.
A finished set of 20 polished images, adjusted and retouched.
An invoice for the job. Again, this may be theoretical. pdf or similar is fine.

Your grade will be based on the following:

Capturing moments of importance and energy – 20 pts
Appropriate use of sharpness and focus – 20 pts
Ability to create pleasing, commercially useful compositions – 20 pts
Use of light to create clarity and mood – 20 pts
Proper image processing to enhance color, clarity and style – 20 pts

Client correspondence due 4/18 by email
Selects from shoot due in class by 5/4 for discussion

Please be sure to have your name on all parts of your assignment. Work will be reviewed in groups and feedback will come in the form of open discussion.

Case Study Assignment

Photography 210
Scott Groller
Spring 2018

Case Study
Due: Wednesday, April 25th

The purpose of this assignment is to force you to seek answers to questions from somebody you respect, and to establish a connection with a potential colleague. Identify a person working in the wedding industry who you feel can offer valuable insight into and perspective of wedding photography. Interview this person and collect their answers and your thoughts into a 2-page paper which will be shared with the class.

In order to provide a basic platform from which to build your questions, I would recommend that you consider the following:
Simple basic questions are useful in establishing who and what and where type answers.

People love to talk about themselves, people love to tell stories, people love to feel smart, and people love to talk smack. Ask questions which allow for all of this.

The business is always changing. Ask about change and how they see this affecting their business. What is coming?

Some people are willing to talk about their success.

People enjoy feeling like they are able to help. Asking for tips or advice may allow for this kind of answer.

Come up with some ideas of your own. Ask your own questions.

Your grade will be based on the following:

Fulfillment of the assignment in both form and concept – 33.3 pts.

Gaining a solid sense of the subject’s perspective on
the business of wedding photography – 33.3 pts.

Proper formatting and presentation – 33.3 pts.

Assignment #4 – Still Life

Photography 210
Scott Groller
Spring 2018

Still Life
Due: Wednesday, April 25th

This assignment may at first seem a little outside the realm of wedding photography, but there are many slow moments in-between the hustle and bustle. That is the perfect time to consider the value of finding or setting up a little still life. You’ll find yourself surrounded by scenes and objects which have been chosen with great care by someone who would be thrilled to see them represented in the photographs.

These photos may not draw the biggest print orders, but they are quite useful in other ways including use as backgrounds for album designs and slide show titles. They are also very useful in making a positive impression on the florist, bakery or wedding coordinator, who may ask for some pics. Sometimes forming strong relationships with partners is good for business.

Your assignment is to create a still life. This can be wedding related, but may also be something entirely different. Compose and light carefully, and use a tripod for maximum control and repeatability.

You will turn in:

One single perfect jpeg
Your Raw images
Your grade will be based on the following:

Fulfillment of the assignment in both form and concept – 20 pts.
A moving and balanced composition – 20 pts.
Strong clarity with little noise and deliberate focus – 20 pts.
Use of light to create emphasis and mood – 20 pts.
Sophistication of style and processing – 20 pts.