Photography 190
Scott Groller
Spring 2019

Assignment #1 – Small Figurine
Due Wednesday, March 5th

This is it. This is why we are here.

Studio photography is about control. It’s not exactly about the room or the lights, though those are good things, it’s about the control you have as a photographer to apply just the right light from just the right direction in balance with all other elements. You can have a big room, but you can also apply control in other spaces.

You have been asked to choose a figurine as a subject. Place that item in the right place, arrange it and the camera’s perspective, and then experiment with any lighting available to you including clap lights, phone screens, LEDs, bounced light, any combination that builds the visibility and mood of your composition. Shoot until you are excited by what you see, and then keep going. Go too far. Come back. You’re ok.

Process the image you want to show in critique in Adobe Camera Raw

You will turn in on flash drive:

     All Raw Photos
    Your final jpeg

Your grade will be based on the following:

    Technical craftsmanship - 20 pts
    Appropriate use of sharpness and focus - 20 pts
    Ability to create a pleasing composition - 20 pts
    Use of light to create clarity and mood - 20 pts
    Proper image processing to enhance color, clarity and style - 20 pts

Please be sure to have your name on all parts of your assignment.