Assignment #1 – Small Event

Photography 215
Scott Groller
Fall 2017

Assignment #1 – Small Event
Due: Wednesday, September 6th

Your first assignment will be to photograph a real, small, live event. A get-together, a party, a meal, a show, a game if you must – any kind of event will work for this, but you must find a main character to follow and you must tell the story of their role. Essentially this is safe photojournalism in an uncontrollable setting while showing the context.

Do not create light, do not interrupt the event with your camera or presence, and try not to irritate people as you do your job. Do NOT delete anything.

Make at least 36 exposures (more is ok) in raw format, download them to your hard drive using Adobe Bridge and export a selection of 7 jpegs using Adobe Camera Raw. Create a new folder using your full name in our class folder on StuData and add your 7 jpegs to it.

You will turn in your flash drive which will contain 2 folders:
One folder with all raw photos made for this assignment
One folder with processed jpegs of your 7 selects

Your grade will be based on the following:
Fulfillment of the assignment in both form and concept (20 pts)
Success in learning to achieve correct exposure (20 pts)
Use of the camera to show the subject clearly (20 pts)
Use of light to create clarity and mood (20 pts)
Proper use of software to process raw images (20 pts)

Please be sure to have your name attached to your flash drive using a physical tag. Work will be critiqued at 7pm on Wednesday the 6th, and all students must attend the critique.