Assignment #3 – Six Second Portrait

Sometimes we want to go very fast. Sometimes it is better to slow down.

Your next assignment is to create a portrait of someone in a real setting in dim light. They will sit for you. You will mold the light so that it is perfect for their face and for the mood of the portrait. You will direct them to pose in a way which is classic and simple, and you will direct them to hold that pose so that you can photograph them.

You will put your camera on a tripod and compose the shot. You will set your shutter speed for 6 seconds, and then you will set your aperture and ISO to achieve the proper exposure. Make exactly 12 frames for this assignment. Review each photo after exposure, and make adjustments if needed for success.

 Due: Wednesday 10/10

You will turn in your flash drive containing:

All of the raw photos from your shoot (12 frames)
Your final processed, high-resolution jpeg or print

This assignment is worth 100pts and will be graded based on the following criteria:

25pts. Fulfillment of the assignment in both form and concept

25pts. Control of focus and blur

25pts. Ability to create a pleasing composition

25pts. Use of light to create clarity and mood

Student work will be discussed in a critique on 10/10, and all students are expected to be there.