Assignment #4 – Studio Product Photography

Due: Wednesday, April 24th

We are working our way up to fashion, but our last stop before we arrive there is to create some product photography. This niche presents challenges of its own both in terms of sophistication of lighting and authentic staging and composition.

Your assignment is to choose a new product worthy of your attention, and to make two distinct photographs at a professional level. One will be a simple yet beautifully crafted “” style product photo showing the entire object on a white surface and background. Lighting must feel clean and stylish while holding onto a conventional clarity.

The second photo you will make is of the same product, but this time crafted as a “Hero” shot – a photograph worthy of being featured as an advertisement image. Instead of being simple and clear, this image should be more complex and should show the product in a suitable environment. This could still be simple and abstract with emphasis on the product, or it could be more elaborate such as a still life, featuring the item amongst tones, textures and colors which match the spirit of the product. Lighting on this image should also be sophisticated, but you have the opportunity to experiment and create something that connects emotionally with the viewer.

Shoot at least 72 photos for this assignment.

You will turn in:

Your raw photos
Your working images as PSD files
Your final jpegs

Your grade will be based on the following:

25pts. Fulfillment of the assignment in both form and concept

25pts. Use and control of light to create clarity and mood

25pts. Craftsmanship and professional level work product.

25pts. Ability to create pleasing compositions

Work will be turned in on the day the assignment is due, and all students must attend the critique.