Assignment #4 – Still Life

Photography 210
Scott Groller
Spring 2018

Still Life
Due: Wednesday, April 25th

This assignment may at first seem a little outside the realm of wedding photography, but there are many slow moments in-between the hustle and bustle. That is the perfect time to consider the value of finding or setting up a little still life. You’ll find yourself surrounded by scenes and objects which have been chosen with great care by someone who would be thrilled to see them represented in the photographs.

These photos may not draw the biggest print orders, but they are quite useful in other ways including use as backgrounds for album designs and slide show titles. They are also very useful in making a positive impression on the florist, bakery or wedding coordinator, who may ask for some pics. Sometimes forming strong relationships with partners is good for business.

Your assignment is to create a still life. This can be wedding related, but may also be something entirely different. Compose and light carefully, and use a tripod for maximum control and repeatability.

You will turn in:

One single perfect jpeg
Your Raw images
Your grade will be based on the following:

Fulfillment of the assignment in both form and concept – 20 pts.
A moving and balanced composition – 20 pts.
Strong clarity with little noise and deliberate focus – 20 pts.
Use of light to create emphasis and mood – 20 pts.
Sophistication of style and processing – 20 pts.