Assignment #5 – Fashion Portrait

Due: Wednesday, 5/8

Discover a fashion or high-profile portrait photographer you want to emulate the style of. Research them fully and discover their preferred tools, methods and visual aesthetics.


Make a rockin’ fashion portrait using controlled studio or location lighting which either mimics their style or is at least inspired by it. Really nail this one. Kill it. Do it.

You will turn in:

All Raw photos (at least 72)
one final jpeg, fully processed and retouched
Your PSD file

You will be graded on the following:

20pts – Use of sophisticated lighting worthy of publication in a fashion magazine

20pts – Technical excellence in terms of sharpness, exposure and color balance

20pts – Styling and pose of the subject/setting

20pts – Expression of the subject which makes a statement or emotional connection with the viewer

20pts – Post processing to enhance the image at a professional level

Work will be shown in a critique. All students must attend the critique. Have a blast!

Photo 190 Portfolio

Photography 190
Scott Groller
Spring 2019

Studio Photography Portfolio
Due: Wednesday, May 29th

So you’ve mastered the studio. That’s terrific. I’m sure you’ve made some fantastic photos. Prove it!

Make a portfolio showing your very best studio photographs.

Whether printed and bound, posted in a gallery online, or presented through video (with sound/music), you will present 12-20 of your best images along with captions where possible.

You will turn in:

Your portfolio (physically or through a link or file submission)
All photos used to create your portfolio (via StuData)

Your grade will be based on the following standards:

Fulfillment of the assignment in both form and concept (25%)
Style and sophistication in the photography (25%)
Studio lighting technique (25%)
Craftsmanship and proper presentation (25%)

Assignment #4 – Studio Product Photography

Due: Wednesday, April 24th

We are working our way up to fashion, but our last stop before we arrive there is to create some product photography. This niche presents challenges of its own both in terms of sophistication of lighting and authentic staging and composition.

Your assignment is to choose a new product worthy of your attention, and to make two distinct photographs at a professional level. One will be a simple yet beautifully crafted “” style product photo showing the entire object on a white surface and background. Lighting must feel clean and stylish while holding onto a conventional clarity.

The second photo you will make is of the same product, but this time crafted as a “Hero” shot – a photograph worthy of being featured as an advertisement image. Instead of being simple and clear, this image should be more complex and should show the product in a suitable environment. This could still be simple and abstract with emphasis on the product, or it could be more elaborate such as a still life, featuring the item amongst tones, textures and colors which match the spirit of the product. Lighting on this image should also be sophisticated, but you have the opportunity to experiment and create something that connects emotionally with the viewer.

Shoot at least 72 photos for this assignment.

You will turn in:

Your raw photos
Your working images as PSD files
Your final jpegs

Your grade will be based on the following:

25pts. Fulfillment of the assignment in both form and concept

25pts. Use and control of light to create clarity and mood

25pts. Craftsmanship and professional level work product.

25pts. Ability to create pleasing compositions

Work will be turned in on the day the assignment is due, and all students must attend the critique.

Photography 190 Assignment #3

Due Wednesday, April 10th

The studio is all about control, but when action or motion is involved in a shoot it becomes easy to lose control. A photographer needs to be able to achieve a clear image technically, but also wants to capture the proper energy of the moment. It takes practice.

For this assignment you will photograph action in a controlled manner, whether inside the studio using controlled lighting, or outside the studio using the natural environment to provide idealized lighting for our scene. Keep control by preparing as much as you can for framing, focus, exposure and timing. Learn to control and lock your settings so you are free to press the shutter button at any moment, not waiting for the camera to get to work.

For this assignment you will turn in:

One perfectly adjusted jpeg
All other raw images

You will be graded on the following:

25pts. Visual/Emotional impact of action in the photograph

25pts. Technical clarity in stopping action

25pts. Use of sophisticated lighting to enhance mood and clarity

25pts. Craftsmanship in adjusting and finishing in software

Photo 190 Assignment #2 – Studio Portrait

Due Wednesday, 3/27

When making portraits in a studio, it is important to establish a basic understanding of the standard practices which lead to general success. If you can master these basic skills, you’ll be able to replicate the setups easily and focus on your subject instead of your gear and technique. If you are really doing your job well, you will be forming a professional and social relationship with your client, putting them at ease while also observing their face, their posture and their mannarisms so that you can create a portrait which embodies their spirit and personality.

Demonstrate your understanding of the 6 basic lighting setups, and the application of lighting ratio toward them, by creating a set of 10 portraits which include those 6 setups and some alternates/experiments. While you’re completing this assignment, which is truly an exercise, expand your shoot to make some portraits which you are proud of. Make something you can include in your portfolio. Make some art.

You will turn in:

All raw images
Your 6 (or more) processed jpegs

You will be graded on the following:

25pts. – Fulfillment of the assignment in both form and concept
25pts. – Precise application of lighting standards
25pts. – Camera control, especially in regard to exposure and sharpness
25pts. – Experimentation with lighting ratio and alternate lighting setups

Make use of the following resources:

6 Basic Lighting Setups

10 Things to Consider


Photography 190
Scott Groller
Spring 2019

Assignment #1 – Small Figurine
Due Wednesday, March 5th

This is it. This is why we are here.

Studio photography is about control. It’s not exactly about the room or the lights, though those are good things, it’s about the control you have as a photographer to apply just the right light from just the right direction in balance with all other elements. You can have a big room, but you can also apply control in other spaces.

You have been asked to choose a figurine as a subject. Place that item in the right place, arrange it and the camera’s perspective, and then experiment with any lighting available to you including clap lights, phone screens, LEDs, bounced light, any combination that builds the visibility and mood of your composition. Shoot until you are excited by what you see, and then keep going. Go too far. Come back. You’re ok.

Process the image you want to show in critique in Adobe Camera Raw

You will turn in on flash drive:

     All Raw Photos
    Your final jpeg

Your grade will be based on the following:

    Technical craftsmanship - 20 pts
    Appropriate use of sharpness and focus - 20 pts
    Ability to create a pleasing composition - 20 pts
    Use of light to create clarity and mood - 20 pts
    Proper image processing to enhance color, clarity and style - 20 pts

Please be sure to have your name on all parts of your assignment.




It’s so new and fresh and clean.


Welcome. There is a syllabus to the left, and links to explore. Go

Assignment #5 – Major Event

Photography 210
Scott Groller
Spring 2018

Assignment #5 – Major Event
(pushed back 2 weeks to be) Due Wednesday, May 23rd
That should be a fun night of presentations!

This is it. This is why we are here.

Identify an event which is exciting and joyful which you have permission to shoot, and make photographs which celebrate the energy, the players and the details of the experience. If this event is a wedding, you will make photographs which document the moments and textures of the day while making portraits of the major and minor players involved. If your event is not a wedding, shoot it as though it is by finding an important main subject or two and their support crew. Make photos of their experience and the moments which occur in their presence and wake. You MUST make at least one intentional formal portrait as part of this shoot.

Create a set of 12-20 images which are different enough that you can build a presentation of your work which both creates an emotional connection and also gives the viewer a sense of the visuals of the event. Process this set of images to achieve a clear and consistent visual style throughout the collection, and adjust individual images as necessary to bring them to a finished state. Make these photos great individually, make them work together, and make sure they hold up to comparison against work by other photographers within your market.

You will turn in:

A copy of your correspondence with your client. This can be theoretical.
A representation of your full shoot. Selects are good. Web galleries are great.
A finished set of 20 polished images, adjusted and retouched.
An invoice for the job. Again, this may be theoretical. pdf or similar is fine.

Your grade will be based on the following:

Capturing moments of importance and energy – 20 pts
Appropriate use of sharpness and focus – 20 pts
Ability to create pleasing, commercially useful compositions – 20 pts
Use of light to create clarity and mood – 20 pts
Proper image processing to enhance color, clarity and style – 20 pts

Client correspondence due 4/18 by email
Selects from shoot due in class by 5/4 for discussion

Please be sure to have your name on all parts of your assignment. Work will be reviewed in groups and feedback will come in the form of open discussion.

Case Study Assignment

Photography 210
Scott Groller
Spring 2018

Case Study
Due: Wednesday, April 25th

The purpose of this assignment is to force you to seek answers to questions from somebody you respect, and to establish a connection with a potential colleague. Identify a person working in the wedding industry who you feel can offer valuable insight into and perspective of wedding photography. Interview this person and collect their answers and your thoughts into a 2-page paper which will be shared with the class.

In order to provide a basic platform from which to build your questions, I would recommend that you consider the following:
Simple basic questions are useful in establishing who and what and where type answers.

People love to talk about themselves, people love to tell stories, people love to feel smart, and people love to talk smack. Ask questions which allow for all of this.

The business is always changing. Ask about change and how they see this affecting their business. What is coming?

Some people are willing to talk about their success.

People enjoy feeling like they are able to help. Asking for tips or advice may allow for this kind of answer.

Come up with some ideas of your own. Ask your own questions.

Your grade will be based on the following:

Fulfillment of the assignment in both form and concept – 33.3 pts.

Gaining a solid sense of the subject’s perspective on
the business of wedding photography – 33.3 pts.

Proper formatting and presentation – 33.3 pts.