Assignment #1 – Digital Assembly: Object

Due: Wednesday, March 8th

A single exposure can include the light coming from a number of light sources. The sun can strike your subject from behind while also bouncing off of the building in front of them, which may illuminate them from another angle. If you combine this light with the light from a flash, you can imagine where your subject has been lit by three different sources or angles at once.

If your camera and your subject are completely still, you can replicate this idea in a studio or dark room by making several individual exposures using different light angles, and then combining the images later using Photoshop or similar software.

For this assignment, you will do just that.

Create a simple setup using non-moving objects, and set your camera up on a solid tripod. Use manual mode and manual focus, and turn off any image stabilization features. Make the room as dark as possible so that there is little to no ambient light. Now use a single light source to illuminate your scene from one direction. Then another. And again. Experiment and see what happens as you vary the brightness, size, shape, direction of this light, while maintaining the same ISO, aperture and shutter speed.

Afterward, you will combine several of these exposures using Photoshop to create an image which shows a complexity of lighting by adding the light from each individual exposure to create your final image.

You will turn in:

Your flash drive containing all of your raw images (at least 24)
Your final image in PSD format
Your final image in JPG format

You will be graded on:

25pts. – Full completion of the assignment
25pts. – Use of lighting to create mood and contrast
25pts. – Photoshop layering technique and craftsmanship
25pts. – Overall image impact and beauty

Work will be turned in on the day the assignment is due, and all students must attend the critique.