Feature Assignment

Photography 215
Scott Groller
Fall 2017

Feature Assignment
Due: Wednesday, Nov. 29

Now that we have the tools and processes figured out, let’s make some photographs. For real. Create a photo essay for publication on Cougar News (official) or Canyon Call (unofficial). You will work to reveal an objective but interesting viewpoint within a story which you choose. Your coverage must be visually interesting while fitting both the aesthetic of the subject matter, and your own personal style.

A comprehensive set of images should work just as a film does to provide an establishing shot, some heroes, details, drama, texture and contrast. Several key or meaningful moments should be represented within your story.

You will shoot at least 144 photos for this assignment, and will work hard to keep the style of your work consistent within the story. Create and process your final images so that they hold up individually while holding onto a constant personal style. Above all, your photos must work together to tell the story.

You will turn in:

Your assignment proposal (story choice) on 10/25 via email
Progress summaries consisting of 3-5 captioned images on 11/8, 11/15, and 11/22
All original photos and 7-10 final, captioned jpegs on 11/29

Your grade will be based on the following standards:

Fulfillment of the assignment in both form and concept
Technical achievement and sophistication in the photography
Visual storytelling using the camera and composition
Success in delivering an engaging and truthful story
Focus on the human element or experience

Students will submit all work in a named folder via StuData. All students must attend the critique.