Assignment #4 – Gallery Report and Style Emulation

Due: Wednesday, 5/10

Discover a studio photographer you admire and want to emulate the style of. Research them fully and discover their preferred tools, methods and visual aesthetics. Create a 2-page report showing their work and analyzing their style including what they shoot, how they work and what tools/methods they employ to get their results.


Make a studio photograph which either mimics their style or is at least inspired by it. Really nail this one. Kill it. Do it.

You will turn in:

All Raw photos (at least 72)
3 jpegs, fully processed and retouched
Your gallery report

For the photograph, you will be graded on the following:

25pts – Use of sophisticated lighting worthy of publication in a magazine or advertisement

25pts – Technical excellence in terms of sharpness, exposure and color balance

25pts – Styling and arrangement of the subject/setting

25pts – Post processing to enhance the image at a professional level

For the Gallery Report, you will be graded on content and formatting, but especially on your attention to detail as it relates to your analysis of style, technique and aesthetic.

Work will be shown in a critique on 5/10. All students must attend the critique. Have a blast!