Notes from 3/1

raw – 16bit
xmp sidecar file

PSD with layers, in 16bit

TIFF – Delivery format
JPEG – Delivery format
compressed (high/low)

Camera writes to SD card (a drive).
Download images to your hard drive through Adobe Bridge.
Use Bridge to make selections by clicking an image, pressing the spacebar to view in slideshow mode, and then pressing Command-1 to assign the image one star. Use Command-0 to revert to zero stars.
View your entire shoot and assign one star to “good” images.
Use the filters to hide zero star images.
Make another pass and assign two stars to your “selects.”
Use the filters to hide all but your two-star selects.
Select those and choose File>Open in Camera Raw to open up the Adobe Camera Raw dialog box.

Use Camera Raw to make basic adjustments to your images. When you are satisfied, you can either press ‘done’ to save your work as metadata alongside your raw images, you can click ‘open image’ to open the images in Photoshop using the settings in the link below the preview, or you can choose ‘save image’ to save the photos as PSDs. Working in 16bit and Adobe RGB color space is preferred.

Once images are open in Photoshop, you may ’select all’ and then copy and paste one image onto another. Repeat this step so that all three images are layered in one document. Adjust the opacity and blending modes of the top two images until you achieve the effect you are going for.

To save this image so that you may work on it later, choose File>Save As, and then choose to save as PSD in your working folder. To save a Jpeg version of this image for final delivery, choose to save as JPG format. This will flatten the image and save it as an 8bit jpeg.