Welcome to Photography 190 РStudio Photography

This should be a great class. We’ll have some fun experimenting and learning some studio basics. We’ll also get into the gory details of how to create lighting setups that are really special.

I’m very glad to let you know that you have homework to do already! This assignment serves several purposes including gathering your contact information and learning about your personal vision for you work, while also forcing you to write a brief but professional paragraph. Ready? Here we go:

Email your instructor as though you are applying for a real, paying internship at a high-profile studio. Introduce yourself, describe your interest in photography and in studio photography in particular, and also communicate your vision for how working in a studio might impact your work. What do you hope to achieve? Provide a link to somewhere this person can find your work online, and lastly provide your full name, email address and phone number (the ones you actually check daily).

As you write, you’ll assume that the recipient knows nothing about you and that you really want to impress them without lying or going overboard. It’s just a paragraph, don’t gush.