Photo 190 Assignment #2 – Studio Portrait

Due Wednesday, 3/27

When making portraits in a studio, it is important to establish a basic understanding of the standard practices which lead to general success. If you can master these basic skills, you’ll be able to replicate the setups easily and focus on your subject instead of your gear and technique. If you are really doing your job well, you will be forming a professional and social relationship with your client, putting them at ease while also observing their face, their posture and their mannarisms so that you can create a portrait which embodies their spirit and personality.

Demonstrate your understanding of the 6 basic lighting setups, and the application of lighting ratio toward them, by creating a set of 10 portraits which include those 6 setups and some alternates/experiments. While you’re completing this assignment, which is truly an exercise, expand your shoot to make some portraits which you are proud of. Make something you can include in your portfolio. Make some art.

You will turn in:

All raw images
Your 6 (or more) processed jpegs

You will be graded on the following:

25pts. – Fulfillment of the assignment in both form and concept
25pts. – Precise application of lighting standards
25pts. – Camera control, especially in regard to exposure and sharpness
25pts. – Experimentation with lighting ratio and alternate lighting setups

Make use of the following resources:

6 Basic Lighting Setups

10 Things to Consider