Photo 190 Portfolio

Photography 190
Scott Groller
Spring 2019

Studio Photography Portfolio
Due: Wednesday, May 29th

So you’ve mastered the studio. That’s terrific. I’m sure you’ve made some fantastic photos. Prove it!

Make a portfolio showing your very best studio photographs.

Whether printed and bound, posted in a gallery online, or presented through video (with sound/music), you will present 12-20 of your best images along with captions where possible.

You will turn in:

Your portfolio (physically or through a link or file submission)
All photos used to create your portfolio (via StuData)

Your grade will be based on the following standards:

Fulfillment of the assignment in both form and concept (25%)
Style and sophistication in the photography (25%)
Studio lighting technique (25%)
Craftsmanship and proper presentation (25%)