Photo 200 Assignment #1

Photography 200
Scott Groller
Fall 2018

Assignment #1 – Sneaky Portrait
Due: Wednesday, September 5th

Your first portrait assignment is a simple one because it is something you have done already. Make a few portraits of someone.

You will not set up a shoot for this, because you will be working undercover as a photography student who is just making some photos for their class. Make photos of whatever is around you that you like to photograph. Take pictures of your feet, snap a shot of a sunset, whatever. It’s just to make it less obvious that you are really working hard to SEE LIGHT as it shines on the people around you while you go about your day.

And when you see someone around you that is drawing your eye, ask (or maybe don’t ask?) to make a few photos. Pretend you’re shooting film and only make one or two exposures, or pretend that you don’t care too much about it and you’re just making a few frames. Any more than six frames of one person and it’s too much. That’s a photo shoot.

DO pay attention to everything that you know to be important in making your portrait. Do your best with what you see around you. Set your exposure and composition and focus, but then pay attention to the human, emotional side of your portrait and take action to either choose the right time to grab it, or engage the subject to evoke a response or expression.

You will turn in:

Your flash drive with 36-72 photos on it, straight out of camera
One selected jpeg, adjusted as well as you are able at the moment

You will be graded on the following:

Did you fulfill the assignment in form and concept? 20 points
Did you achieve the correct exposure for your subject? 20 points
Did you make use of light in an appropriate way? 20 points
Did you use proper technique to achieve clarity? 20 points
Does your portrait evoke interest or emotion in your viewer? 20 points

Good Luck! Have fun!