Photo 200 Assignment #2 – Available Light

Scott Groller
Fall 2018
Photography 200

Assignment #2 – Available Light Portrait

Due Wednesday, September 19th

It’s time for a portrait shoot.

Choose or find a subject (preferably someone close or familiar) and invite them to have a photo shoot for your portraiture class. Let them know that this will not be in a studio and you are not going to be setting up any special lights, because this portrait will utilize only the lighting available in the space you select as your setting.

Yes, please turn lights on or off if it helps, or wait until the sun is in the right place to create the effect you are after. Or bring a lamp a little closer to their face to create the proper balance with the window light. Close the shade a little or open it up, but don’t create a lighting setup. Use a reflector maybe, but don’t plug in another light.

Do make use of the light you have around you, and be wise about how you position yourself and your subject so that the effect feels right for the shot you have in mind.

For this assignment, make around 72 photos of your subject, and try to create three different setups (change the composition/pose, or lighting).

You will turn in:

All raw images on a USB flash drive
1 well-adjusted jpeg of your chosen photo

You will be graded on the following:

Fulfillment of the assignment in both form and concept
Use of the camera technique to show the subject clearly
Use of lighting to express mood
Create emotional connection with subject
Proper adjustment of image to emphasize, style and reveal detail

Please be sure to have your name on all parts of your assignment. Work will be critiqued on the day the assignment is due, and all students must attend the critique.