Photo 215 Syllabus

Fall 2017
Photography 215 Photojournalism #30137
W – Mentry 145 – 7pm – 10pm
Instructor: Scott Groller
Cell/Text: (661) 313-6335
Class Website:
Office Hours: W 4-5pm behind the Coffee Kiosk, and via email/text/phone
Drop Deadline: 11/12/17

Course Description:
Introduces contemporary photojournalism and news photography through applications of theory and concepts of visual communication to digital photographic processes to produce news stories, photographic series, and photo-essays. Students are recommended to furnish a fully manual/adjustable 35mm film or digital SLR camera. NOTE: To access the photography facilities outside of scheduled class time, students must register for PHOTO-092L, 093L, 094L or 095L.

Student Learning Outcomes:
Lecture – Evaluate the techniques and aesthetic values found in news photos and photojournalism
Lab – Create the basic types of photographs used in news photography and photojournalism.

Course Work:
Assignments – During the semester students will be given regular photo assignments. Work will be made on deadline for publication and presented to the class.
Report – Students must write a paper about an assigned aspect of photojournalism as part of this class.
Photo Story – Students will create a set of images which work together to tell a major story.
Portfolio – A portfolio demonstrating technical and stylistic success in creating photojournalistic images will be produced and presented to the class.

Because attendance is vital for the success of this class, students need to be present at each and every class meeting. Absent students lose participation points, and anyone absent more than one session may be dropped from the class. Late assignments will not be accepted without prior notice and a written excuse. Academic integrity is important and plagiarism will not be tolerated.

Participation – 20%
Paper – 15%
Assignments – 40%
Final Project – 15%
Portfolio – 10%

Note: This is an adult course which may contain mature subject matter such as themes of nudity, violence or sexual content, and strong language. Those not wishing to be exposed to such content should make the instructor aware of this at the beginning of the semester.

Digital SLR (and memory card)
Canon and Nikon are the dominant brands. Others are great too. It should have a strap.
Lens Tissue and Cleaning Fluid
For cleaning camera and lenses
Storage Media (Hard Drive)
USB or Firewire external Hard Drive recommended, Flash drive may be OK.
USB Flash Drive
At least 8gb – specifically for this class. Tie a tag to it with a string. I’m serious.
Plain Paper and Premium Photo Paper (Epson Professional)
for making printouts and final prints. Maybe.
Print Card
Required for making prints – available in ASG Office in $10 and $20 increments. Maybe.
Sharpie Permanent Marker
A useful photography tool
Mat board – 11X14 and Dry Mounting Tissue – 8X10
To be used for mounting prints. Maybe.
Canned Air
Very handy for cleaning camera and prints
Photo Accessories as Needed
I strongly recommend students own an electronic flash capable of manual adjustment. A tripod may prove useful as well. See me for recommendations for these and other accessories depending on your approach.


RIP Val Cam
RIP Clarita Cam
RIP Canoga Camera
Samy’s Camera 431 South Fairfax Ave., L.A. 323.938.2420
B&H, Amazon, WHCC Essential

Photo Lab
A limited number of cameras and other equipment are available for check-out from the Photo Cage in Mentry 121. Students must have a COC ID card to check out equipment. See lab rules for details.