Photography 190 Assignment #3

Due Wednesday, April 10th

The studio is all about control, but when action or motion is involved in a shoot it becomes easy to lose control. A photographer needs to be able to achieve a clear image technically, but also wants to capture the proper energy of the moment. It takes practice.

For this assignment you will photograph action in a controlled manner, whether inside the studio using controlled lighting, or outside the studio using the natural environment to provide idealized lighting for our scene. Keep control by preparing as much as you can for framing, focus, exposure and timing. Learn to control and lock your settings so you are free to press the shutter button at any moment, not waiting for the camera to get to work.

For this assignment you will turn in:

One perfectly adjusted jpeg
All other raw images

You will be graded on the following:

25pts. Visual/Emotional impact of action in the photograph

25pts. Technical clarity in stopping action

25pts. Use of sophisticated lighting to enhance mood and clarity

25pts. Craftsmanship in adjusting and finishing in software