Sports Assignment

Scott Groller
Photo 215
Fall 2017

Sports Assignment
Due Wednesday, November 1st

Shoot a live sports event that you are not able to control. Examples include baseball, soccer, football, volleyball, hockey and many more. Shoot at least 72 photos and choose 7 to process, crop and turn in.

As you shoot, look for subject matter and moments which help tell the story of the teams and the game itself. Actions shots of game play are required, but what other angles might help to inform the viewer about the drama of the event? Seek those opportunities as well.

You will turn in a flash drive on Nov. 1st with this project and the portrait project on it, containing all raw and jpeg choices for each assignment.

You will be graded on the following:

25pts. Completion of the assignment in form and concept
25pts. Attention to timing to show the subject clearly
25pts. Control of exposure and sharpness to show detail and create mood
25pts. Use of the elements of composition to communicate clearly and intentionally

Bring your jpegs for presentation on either 10/25 or 11/1